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Sakis Rouvas was born in Corfu and it wasn’t long before music became a part of his life.  Artistic gymnastics was his other passion and he has won high national awards. He also excelled at pole vaulting and, being the outstanding talent that he was, became a member of the Greek National Team.


In 1991, Sakis makes his first professional appearance in Athens where he is discovered by Polygram and offered his first record contract. Just a few months later, he makes his unbelievable debut through a performance at the Thessaloniki Song Festival, winning the first place and getting his first taste of enthusiastic fans who immediately recognize that a new star is born!


Since then, things have been progressing quickly for the young performer. His first solo album titled “Sakis Rouvas” is released the day after the festival and young people from all over Greece show him their love by making his album an incredible success and sending it directly to no. 1! Stands and posters of Sakis Rouvas fill girls’ bedrooms and the Greek mass media buzzes about the new star! Quickly, sighs turn to screams and his live performances receive huge coverage in the press.


The release of Sakis’ second album in September 1992 entitled “Min Antistekesai” (“Don’t Resist’’) establishes Sakis as the top performer on the music scene. In October 1993, his third album is released. The love of his fans turns to obsession and the press is now featuring Sakis on a daily basis as he has become a must for all publications.


The winter of 1994 finds Sakis with the smash hit “Aima, Dakria ki Idrotas” (“Blood, Sweat and Tears”), followed by songs “Ela Mou” (“Come To Me”) and “Ksana” (“Again”) that became unbelievably successful.


Sakis is called to do his military service, which is given enormous dimensions by the media. A few months later, Sakis releases his new hit album, “Tora Arhizoun ta Diskola” (“Now the Difficult Times Begin”).


For four consecutive years, he monopolises the Greek Music Awards “Pop Corn”, winning the award for Best New Artist, Best Song, Best Stage Presence and many more. The artist with the best stage presence collaborates with some of the biggest names in the business.


On 19 May 1997, Sakis takes a step toward peace and reconciliation by appearing with the Turkish pop star, Burat Kud, in a “binational” concert on the Green Line in Cyprus.


The concert, for which Sakis won the Ipeksi Award for Understanding and Cooperation, becomes the leading international news story. Sakis and Burak continue their collaboration, recording together the duet for the Walt Disney movie “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

Since 1996, Sakis has had the largest fan club in Greece, “SRFC”, with thousands of members from countries in all parts of the world.


Following on the heels of two gold and one platinum album, Sakis transfers to Minos-EMI. In December 1998, his last album “Kati Apo Mena” (“Something From Me”) becomes a huge hit and goes gold two months later.


The release is followed by a live performance at one of the biggest record stores in Greece, Virgin Megastores, where thousands of fans create a traffic problem on the busiest street of Athens. His last album only adds to his success! He wins – yet again – the award for stage presence at the “Pop Corn” Music Awards.


Always aiming to give impressive live performances, Sakis – dressed in a skirt made especially for him by the internationally renowned designer Valentino – uses all his vocal and dance skills to give a first-of-its-kind appearance in October 1998, that had unprecedented impact in the way entertainment shows sere made.


The new millennium finds Sakis in the studio recording his new album “21st Akatallilos” (“21st X-Rated”), which was released in March 2000. Once again, it reaches the top of the chart on its first day of release.


While performing in Athens, Sakis is asked by Pepsi to star in their new summer advertising campaign. This received huge media attention as no other Greek artist had ever been made such an offer. Produced by a British team of experts that travelled to Greece specifically for this reason and with a tailor-made script matching Sakis’ image, the spot impressed the audience and critics.


The collaboration with Pepsi continues with a second television spot airing in May and a sold out tour in seven major Greek cities called the “Pepsi Tour 2001”. In the autumn of the same year, the Athens nightlife scene welcomes the “act” of the winter, “Despina Vandi – Sakis Rouvas”, at Rex. Sakis closes out the year with the release of the gold hit-album “Disco Girl”.


At the first Arion Music Awards in March 2002, Sakis wins the award for Pop Singer of the Year for the CD “Disco Girl” and performs his yet unreleased hit “Ola Kala” (“Everything is Fine”) for the first time. During the same period, he is working feverishly for the release of the album “Ola Kala” in Greece and France. The French audience welcomes warmly the Greek star and Sakis gives interviews to all of the country’s major radio stations and magazines. The release of the album is followed by a very successful summer tour.


The French’s love for the Greek phenomenon ‘Sakis’ is demonstrated in a unique way at the large concert that he gives in 24th October in the globally renowned artistic venue Olympia!


The album “Ola Kala” is released in Greece in June and goes gold within
11 days and soon, platinum.


In April 2003, Sakis appears at the Arion Music Awards with Antonis Remos and they perform with the evening’s honorary guest, the great Nana Mouskouri.


2003 consists a landmark year for the ultimate Greek star, as he begins his momentous cooperation with Vodafone. The first spot is filmed in Crete while Sakis gives summer concerts across Greece, culminating in a final deifying performance at the prominent Athenian Lycabettus theatre in October.


December 2003 finds Sakis Rouvas performing his new album “To Chrono Stamatao” (“I Stop Time”) in a fabulous show.


2004 – The Year of Eurovision. Everyone is dancing to the beat of “Shake It”, which is heard for the first time on the radio in mid-March. At the Arion Music Awards in April, Sakis wins his second Pop Singer award for the album “To Chrono Stamatao”. Later on, the CD single “Shake It” is released and the Greek Eurovision contingent immediately begins touring. Lots of travel, many shows and tons of optimism!


On 18th May, Sakis gets the third place at the Eurovision song contest 2004 in Konstantinoupoli, but everyone considers him the real winner thanks to his striking performance. This was also evident by his reception at the first Mad Video Music Awards a month later where he sang “Shake It” and the audience went wild. The same night, he wins the Sexiest Appearance award for the video “Pes Tis” (“Tell Her”) whose director, Xavier Gens, wins Best Direction for the same video.


Naturally, Sakis could not be left out of the huge organisation of the Olympic Games. He participates in the torch relay that takes place in the centre of Athens and performs at the Closing Ceremony along with the greatest names of Greek music. Sakis arrives in the centre of the Olympic Stadium by air and gives an extraordinary performance of “Karapiperim”.


The same year, he also does a duet of “Se Thelo San Trelos” (“I Want You Like Crazy”) with the famous Russian artist, Philip Kirkorov, in Greek and Russian. The CD single is a huge hit in Russia and is supported by an exceptional video clip filmed in Saint Petersburg.

In October 2004, Sakis appears as a guest in three large concerts given by his friend and leading Greek artist, Nana Mouskouri. Sakis appears for the first time at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall as well as the Athens Concert Hall, making an excellent impression to the audience and critics.


April 2005 proves to be an extremely creative month for Sakis. At the 4th Arion Music Awards, he makes a unique on stage appearance by dancing a breathtaking tango. The same evening, he receives the award for “CD Single with the Highest Sales/2004” for “Shake It”, demonstrating just how popular his Eurovision success was.


The next day of the awards and with the support of Vodafone, Sakis presents his new album titled “S’Eho Erotefthei” (“I’m in Love With You”), in an unprecedented manner. The presentation is carried out in the same day in four Greek cities: Heraklion, Corfu, Thessaloniki, and Athens are the four stops that Sakis visits to give a live presentation of his album. It was an event that was discussed by everyone and that will go down in history, impressing the audience that made the album platinum soon.


In September, Sakis is deified by 18,000 spectators at a huge charity concert he gives at the Athens Olympic Stadium (“OAKA”). He receives the same exciting welcome in Patras in October.


Given that he is not performing in Athens during the 2005-2006 winter season, the one appearance that he makes on 14 February, in cooperation with Vodafone and Rythmos 9.49 radio station, becomes the talk of the town. The live performance is recorded and videotaped, providing material for the first live CD-DVD of Sakis’ fifteen year career entitled “Live Ballads”. “Live Ballads” is released two months later with the support of Vodafone.


At the 5th Arion Music Awards Sakis wins two awards; one for “Pop Album” of the year and one for “Pop Singer” for “S’Eho Erotefthei”. The same month, Sakis renews his vastly successful collaboration with Vodafone, and Village Roadshow announces that he will star in its new film.


Eurovision 2006 gives Sakis the opportunity to develop yet another talent. Sakis and Maria Menounos are the two presenters of the Semi-Finals (18/05) and Finals (20/05) that take place in Athens. The challenge is great, but the result completely justifies his decision as the next day everyone is talking about his flawless presentation. At the Semi-finals, Sakis opens the evening by singing the English hit “Let the Sun Shine” with Maria Menounos, followed by his performance on “S’Eho Erotefthei” in English.


At the third Mad Video Music Awards in June, Sakis wins two more awards: Best Video by a Male Artist for “Na m’Agapas” and “Best Dressed Artist in a Video” for “Mila Tis” (“Talk to Her”). At the same time, Sakis also finished dubbing for the new Disney movie called “Cars” premiering in September and earning great reviews for his work.

On December 2006, Sakis' new album entitled “Yparhi Agapi Edo” (“There is Love Here”) was released with the support of Vodafone. The album, which contains both pop and rock elements, is considered to be Sakis’ best to date.


2007 has been a greatly productive year for Sakis Rouvas. He started shooting his first film, "Alter Ego", one of the most expensive productions of Village Roadshow. The film is released at the beginning of May and his performance wins the audience and reviews. The soundtrack of the film, including the great hit "Zise Ti Zoi" (Live Life), is also released, with Sakis earning great reviews.


At the Oscar night, Sakis gives a unique performance in a high-end event organised by Nova television. He performed a selection of Oscar-winning songs accompanied by a multi-piece orchestra, making an exceptional appearance.


In late April, Sakis giaves an unprecedented live concert open to the audience at Syntagma square, with the support of Vodafone.


In May, OPAP (the Greek National Lottery Company) sponsors an advertising spot for blood donation starring Sakis promoting the cause. In the same spirit of social giving, Sakis Rouvas gives a one-off concert at the Lycabettus theatre in September to promote the concept of voluntary blood donation.


2008 is undoubtedly the year of Sakis, who returned more creative and accomplished than ever! Open to new and appealing challenges, Sakis accepted the invitation of E.R.T. (the Hellenic Broadcasting Union) to represent Greece for the second time in the 54th Eurovision song contest, held in Moscow in May, saying that Eurovision was one of the most important and exciting moments of his career, which he wanted to live again now that he feels more experienced.


At the same time, his challenging spirit leads him to new fields to explore.

The presentation of X-Factor, the most popular music talent show internationally, was a great challenge for Sakis, which he won.


He signed a sponsorship contract with Trident and in November 20th, his much anticipated song “Irthes” (“You came”) made its radio premiere. Amid the great hype, his album “Irthes” debuted in stores earning great reviews and great commercial success.


In December 2008, Sakis began his apeearances along with Betty and Mathilde Maggira and talented new artists, in a live show-party full of energy not only from his part but as well for the audience which participates passionately.


Sakis returned after four years and boosts the Athenian nightlife with his dynamic comeback, in a progressive performance which advances the status of nightlife entertainment and is considered by everyone the most successful show!


In October the X-Factor 2 live shows begin, achieving even bigger viewership and gaining impressive acceptance from all.


In November 15th, Sakis’ first American film ‘Duress’ was presented in the 50th Thessaloniki Film Festival, in a special screening sponsored by Trident. Sakis plays a serial killer, impressing with his acting all major film critics and the audience who surged in the theatre and applauded him profoundly.


‘Duress’ made its official premiere in Athens, at Embassy theatre, with the presence of its prosucers Julio Caro and Paul Papile as well as its director, Jordan Barker. The film’s premiere was sponsored again by Trident, which supports Sakis in his artistic steps and was released in theatres in December 3rd, being a true success.


In early December, Sakis’ new digital single ‘Spase to Hrono’, composed by his longtime partner Dimitris Kontopoulos, was released and became an instant hit, going straight at the top of airplay charts and turning into the absolut dance hit of the season!


In December 18th, Sakis premiered with his new, striking live show at THE S CLUB, its name selected after a voting among his fans in the Internet. Along with Tamta, Gifted, the band Cabin 54, as well as young singers, the top performer presents an innovative show which takes further his last year’s success, alluring his audience in a thrilling live party every week which sets new standards in the Athenian nightlife.


2009 ends with Sakis getting various features of excellence by the Greek media. He was proclaimed ‘Singer of the Year’ by Sunday Ethnos newspaper, ‘Entertainer of the Decade’ by the weekly magazine Down Town and was voted as the ‘Sexiest Greek’ from the readers of the site, capitalizing on a greatly successful and creative year for the top Greek superstar.


2010 finds Sakis amid new creative challenges, while his live shows at THE S CLUB have became the focal point in the Athenian nightlife and the X-Factor 2 is at its peak. He is currently preparing his new music album and his next steps in the film industry, after his critical acclaim for his acting in the American production ‘Duress’.


February 2010: Sakis was voted from the readers of STATUS magazine as ‘Singer of the Year’ in the 14th ‘Men of the Year’ Awards Ceremony, highlighting an exceptional year of achievements for Sakis.


March 2010: the Greek edition of Cosmopolitan celebrated its 10th anniversary with a surprising cover! Sakis becomes the first male cover of all Cosmopolitan editions around the world, braking all sale records and impressing established sites & blogs, such as the ultimate celebrity blogger Perez Hilton who wrote about Sakis’ electrifying Greek beauty and radiant personality.


April 2010: Sakis’ concert in Thessaloniki at PAOK Sports Arena was sold-out in 3 days and amazed the audience with his performance, energy and passion.


Sakis’ live shows at THE S CLUB in Athens were extended due to their big success until the end of April. At the same time, Sakis prepares his song and his live shows at Thessaloniki, set to begin on May 7th.


May 2010: Sakis releases his new digital single, a rock love ballad, ‘Emena theswhich gets instantly loved by the audience, in music & lyrics of the newcomer Dimitris Fakos.


Sakis’ live shows in Thessaloniki at Politia Live Clubbing are talk of the town and the ultimate summer hit of the city! Two days after his much anticipated premiere at Politia Live Clubbing, at May 9th Sakis receives the ‘Best Greek Song’ award for his song ‘Spase to Hrono’, at Balkan Music Awards organized by Bulgaria MTV at Sofia, voted directly by the audience from 10 Balkan countries.


June 2010: At MAD Video Music Awards 2010, Sakis receives 4 awards, most from any other artist: Artist of the year, Best pop video clip of the year, Fashion Icon in a video clip, Duet of the year a significant reward for an ultimately successful and creative year. At Tae Kwon Do stadium, the venue of this year’s awards, Sakis makes an unforgettable, atmospheric performance of his latest hit ‘Emena thes’, in front of an audience of 11.000 people who sing along him and defy him literally.


In July, Sakis begins his dynamic live tour around Greece, a music experience full of passion, energy and impressive spectacle!



Sakis celebrated Valentine’s Day with his fans and Love Radio in a unique concert, where he performed love songs from his entire repertoire, accompanied by a multiorchestra with new orchestrations, mesmerizing the public to a different erotic journey.


With his new album “Madly” becoming multi platinum and his live appearances to be qualified as the most successful of the city, Sakis was awarded for second consecutive year by readers of “Status” as “Singer of the Year”, confirming one more triumphant year for him.

In the first “Madwalk” event, that subversively combines fashion with music, Sakis impressed with his performance of two dance songs, “The two of us” and “ For Us” , with the participation of Playmen, while in the catwalk creations of Silia Kritharioti were presented with the participation of Vicky Kaya and Doukissa Nomikou.


The live show of Sakis with Anna Visssi at Athens Arena is completed on April after five months of sold out appearances, while his new single “The Two of Us” is at the top of the charts.


On April, Sakis also presents an innovative act, which stands out for its practical charity status. For the first time worldwide, Trident creates a new flavor of gum bearing the face and the signature of a celebrity. He continues their successful cooperation with Trident, Sakis, as the “Messenger of ELPIDA” devoting this act to the children of the Association “ELPIDA” and their families. Trident Senses – Sakis Rouvas, greatly enhances the work of the Association as a part of the proceeds from sale of chewing gum, will be available to cover fixed operating needs of the Pediatric Oncology Unit “Marianna V. Vardinogiannis – ELPIDA”.

Sakis reintroduces the concept of live clubbing who first introduced with his return of “S CLUB” in “Thalassa People’s Stage”. Along with Tamta, the Cabin 54 and Apostolos Mitropoulos in the role of the dj, revealing true fun and elevating the public at each of his appearance.


In an atmospheric spot for classic yogurt “Ageladitsa” of Fage, Sakis stars as traditional dad, winning the impressions.


Having the most nominations from any other artist in this year’s Mad Video Awards, Sakis is ready to launch another song with special character. Entitled “There’s Hope”, Sakis is singing for children of “ELPIDA”, proving once again his love and sensitivity. The new song, with the signature of Dimitris Kontopoulos, accompanies the promotional spot for the limited edition gum Trident Senses – Sakis Rouvas and will become a video clip, carrying the message of optimism, with the motto “Together we make hope stronger”.


In the eighth edition of Mad Video Music Awards, Sakis was the ultimate winner of the evening, by winning awards for “Pop Video Clip of the Year”, “Video Clip of the Year”, while he made a memorable appearance that blew away the public. Descending from the roof of the stadium of Tae Kwon Do, Sakis landed on stage in the heart of the audience, to sing a dance medley of hits from his latest album. Sakis sang “Brake Time”, “Madly”, “The two of Us” as well as the older favorite hit “I want you” in front of a passionate crowd of 12.000 people that attended and sang along with him, forming the leading moment of the awards.


The year started with a very important cause for Sakis. The corporate social responsibility programme "ArGOODaki" commenced its along with the foundations "Childrens SOS Villages" and "Childs, Friends work, which participate in the "Together for Children" Association, "The Smile of the Child" and the "Hatzikyriakio Childcare Institution". Sakis Rouvas who is the Ambassador of the programme for the last three years played, drew and spent time together with the children of the four foundations, stating that he will continue to support children in need with all his strength, establishing the continuous presence of the social program ArGOODaki supporting 1000 children, every day for 1 year, covering their nutrition needs.


On February 2nd, Google Hellas organised the Google Travel Forum at Athens Arena. During the forum, Google presented Sakis' online journey as an amazing international case study, as he is the most dynamic Greek artist on the Internet. Peter Economides, one of the most prominent brand strategists worldwide, characterized Sakis Rouvas as the only branded star icon in Greece and a paradigm for the way he uses the online tools and social media into promoting his work and his activities globally. During his speech in the Google Travel Forum, which gathered enthusiastic comments, Peter Economides parallelized Sakis Rouvas and the impact of his great success with the triumph of National Football Team in 2004 and the Olympic Medals of Pyrros Dimas. The forum concluded with a live performance by Sakis as Google special guest, which amazed the crowd.


On February 8th Sakis uplifted the crowd with his revolutionary performance at Madwalk, the fashion music project where he collaborated with Nomi Ruiz, frontwoman of Jessica 6, presenting their duet "Bad Thing" with a progressive sound, which became an instant hit.


On February 10th Sakis, through the new Facebook application of Heineken Serenade, dedicated a special ballad to all his fans, singing "Only Love", in a stylish, sarcastic and full of positive energy performance, like we have never seen him before!!!


On February 14th Sakis was in Minsk as an official guest star for the song selection final of Belarus for the Eurovision Song Contest and made an upbeat live performance in front of an enthusiastic crowd.


On February 21st Sakis received a very special tribute: He was given the "Man of the Year Award" for his contribution to the “ELPIDA” Hope Foundation during the "Man of the Year" ceremony in Cyprus. Sakis received his Award from Fotini Papadopoulou, President of Cyprus Red Cross and Stella Kyriakidou, MP with Dimokratikos Synagermos (DiSy) and President of Europa Donna Cyrpus, during a moving ceremony where the crowd gave him a standing ovation for his contribution.


On February 22nd , Sakis, as a loyal supporter of the Greek National Football Team, presented its new jersey, starring in the viral video - message to our players embodying the motto "adidas is all in!" giving the signal for a successful course in Euro 2012.


On March 19th Sakis Rouvas as the “Messenger of Hope” Foundation, along with Trident Senses gave 150.000 € to the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer which were concentrated by the sales of the special edition Trident Senses Sakis Rouvas. The moving ceremony took place at the Children's Oncology Unit "Marianna Vardinoyanni - ELPIDA" Unesco Good Will Ambassador Marianna V. Vardinoyanni awarded Sakis with an honorary diploma for his diachronic and invaluable contribution to the Foundation as a Messenger of Hope emissary of "ELPIDA", who is always supporting the children and their families.


On March 30th Sakis, together with Onirama and the Underworld S Club travelled to Thessaloniki, to POLITIA Live Clubbing! The much anticipated show uplifts Thessaloniki’s night life, with Sakis giving passionate live performances.


On May 3rd, Sakis, through his official Facebook page presented for the first time a 30 teaser from his new song "Tora". During the next 24 hours he gave his fans the full song together with the promo clip, which inside a few hours was declared the most viewed video on Youtube. His new dance hit, with music by Playmen, Alex Leon, Stan and lyrics by Playmen and Stan, is an original dance hit, with pioneering sound and a strong performance which immediately found itself at the top of the airplay charts.


Following his huge success at Athens Arena, Sakis returned on May 11th with his much-anticipated show at S Club @ Thalassa People's Stage with Antypas, as a special guest, Mamacita on Fire and Demy. Sakis won this challenge as well, with a renewed programme, new orchestration and an enthusiastic crowd, marking record attendance.


Sakis on June 18th presented through his official facebook page the teaser clip'', from his music video "Tora". This new, revolutionary, vibrant video clip with a cinematic feel, directed by White Room, is a collage of impressive images, while its texture and colour palet transforms continuously thanks to the super impose technique.


At the Mad Video Music Awards 2012, Sakis once again captivated the crowd with his passion and energy, uplifting the passion of audience with the performance of his new dance hit "Tora", impressing everyone, while winning "Male Performer of the Year" and "Performer of the Year" awards, which he dedicated to his fans via his official facebook page.


On June 25th, Sakis began a soldout tour in Greece and Cyprus with thousands of fans following him. First stop is Larisa with the crowd dancing to his tunes and even Cyprus. On July 29th he performed an explosive live on the beach at Mykonos, where with the unique energy of the island and the enthusiasm of the crowd which took part at every moment, he created a rare and different music experience . Next stop was Ancient Olympia, while on August 31st he was once again in Cyprus for the Woldwide Milk Festival, for a charity performance, as part of the revenue was disposed to the "Smile of Happiness" foundation. Sakis also visited children hosted at the foundation, where he sung and played with them, sharing precious moments of joy.


In October 12th , Sakis presented the most sensual and impressive show of the city, an interactive music cabaret with theatrical elements, sexy choreographies, impressive costumes and many musical surprises, along with Aggeliki Iliadi and Melisses. He is currently working in the studio for his new album with many unexpected collaborations, new sounds and an evolving music style.



Mad Video Music Awards 2012:

Artist of the year

Best male artist


Mad Video Music Awards 2011:

Artist of the year

Video clip of the year

Best pop video clip of the year


MTV Best Greek Act 2010


Balkan Music Awards 2010:

"Best Greek Song" – Spase to Hrono


Mad Video Music Awards 2010:

Artist of the year

Best pop video clip of the year

Fashion Icon in a video clip

Duet of the year

Mad Video Music Awards 2009:

Artist of the year

Best male artist


Mad Video Music Awards 2008:

Best male artist


Mad Video Music Awards 2007:

Best dance video clip

“Ola gyrw sou gyrizoun”


Mad Video Music Awards 2006:

Best Video Clip by Male Artist (“Na m’agapas”)

Best-dressed Artist in a Video Clip (“Mila tis”)


Mad Video Music Awards 2004:

Sexiest Artist in a Video Clip (“Pes tis”)

Best Video Clip by Male Artist (“Na m’agapas”)

Best-dressed Artist in a Video Clip (“Mila tis”)



5th Awards Ceremony: Best Pop Singer (CD “S’Eho Erotefthei”)

Best Pop Album (CD “S’Eho Erotefthei”)


4th Awards Ceremony: Highest CD Single Sales (CD Single “Shake It”)


3rd Awards Ceremony: Best Pop Singer (CD “To Chrono Stamatao”)


1st Awards Ceremony: Best Pop Singer (CD “Disco Girl”)



World Music Awards 2005:

"World's Best-Selling Greek Artist" – Greece




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