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Sakis Rouvas becomes a messenger for the "ELPIDA" foundation

 Sakis Rouvas becomes a messenger for the ELPIDA foundation

In a press conference which took place at noon at the hospice of the ELPIDA foundation for children with cancer, the president of the foundation, Mrs. Marianna Vardinoyanni, announced joyfully that Sakis Rouvas is as of that day appointed “Messenger of ELPIDA" (the word "elpida" in Greek means "hope").

Mrs Vardinoyanni stated “It is our pleasure and honour that, after a proposition on behalf of Sakis Rouvas himself, he decided to support our work by taking up a more official and responsible role. This way Sakis associates his action with the cause of the ELPIDA foundation, and conveys throughout the world the message of commitment and offer to the sick children.
We have no doubt that Sakis Rouvas will fully fulfill the role of messenger, set for the first time by ELPIDA foundation aiming to promote the causes and ideals embodied by the foundation. On the part of the ELPIDA BoD, we would like to thank him most sincerely mainly for the kindness of his soul! We also wish him every happiness in his personal life and every success in his career; in a career which will be brightened not only by his radiant smile but also by the full of hope smile of hundreds of children … the ELPIDA foundation children.”

Sakis Rouvas replied in turn “I have known, from many years of personal contact, the work of the ELPIDA foundation and I highly value the tremendous and essential offer of its President, Mrs. Marianna Vardinoyanni in person, and of the Foundation in general… The role of “Messenger” of the ELPIDA foundation is a great honour for me. I fully identify with everything this title stands for because I believe in the power of hope, in optimism and positive thinking, and I pledge as a “Messenger” to spread the message of love and true offering so that more and more people are motivated and will help to make the life of the ELPIDA children somewhat better.”

It is worth noting that Sakis Rouvas is a friend of the ELPIDA foundation for many years supporting its work in various means and ways, something which he never wished to become publicly known. As Mrs Vardinoyanni distinctively mentioned in her speech “…Sakis has been near the children who are suffering, during their sadness and joy, alleviating the difficult times in his own unique way…”

Release Date: 1/4/2009

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