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Vodafone and Sakis Rouvas together at the beach party of the summer "Sakis on the waves"

Vodafone and Sakis Rouvas bid the summer farewell with a great concert bursting with passion and rhythm on Wednesday, 6 September, at Yabanaki on the Varkiza seaside. Next to the waves and under a full moon, thousands of the artist’s friends enjoyed a unique evening as they lifted off at a beach party without precedence that set spirits on fire.

Sakis Rouvas’ appearance played out in the most spectacular way. The brilliance of the best beach party of the summer was underlined by the impressive glow of the torches held by the dancers during Sakis’ performance of his super hit “Anteksa” (“I Made It Through”). He then performed all of our favourite hits, like “Ola Kala” (“Everything is Fine”), “S’Eho Erotefthei” (“I’m in Love With You”), “Se Thelo San Trelos” (“I Want You Like Crazy”), and got the crowd going with his renditions of songs like “Gingo”, “Satisfaction”, “Dodeka” (“Twelve”), “Liomeno Pagoto” (“Melted Ice Cream”), and more.

The concert was opened by Tamta who, apart from her three hits, performed “Mas que nada”, “Cada vez”, “Gasolina”, and “Na m’Agapas” (“You Should Love Me”) with Sakis Rouvas during the concert. Artistic supervision for the evening was undertaken by Fokas Evangelinos.

Via the avant-garde service, Vodafone live!, fans of Sakis Rouvas will be able to watch clips from the concert and a short interview with the star as an exclusive offering to Vodafone subscribers. Vodafone live! users are already in direct “communication” with the artist as they can “download” personalised autographs, photos, ringtones, and wallpaper, watch his videos and listen to full versions of his songs from their Vodafone live! mobile phone.

The concert ended just as stunningly as Sakis Rouvas surprised the audience yet again by leaving the venue by sea. He bid farewell to his adoring fans as he sailed away on an inflatable raft. A private after party was held at the Island club’s C-Lounge for concert contributors and Sakis’ close friends and colleagues.

Vodafone and Sakis Rouvas are continuing their extremely successful collaboration and promise the public even more surprises and extraordinary moments.

Release Date: 9/3/2007

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