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“Sakis Rouvas Live at Lycabetus"

SAKIS ROUVAS LIVE at the Lycabetus theatre for the purposes of the VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONATION campaign

No doubt, each live performance by Sakis Rouvas is breaking news. It is even more so, when it takes place at a packed Lycabetus theatre, where 7,000 fans literally flooded the place; when it is an one-off event and his last live performance in Athens for this year; and when it is organized for a special cause: for the purposes of "voluntary blood donation.”

Last night, everything in Lycabetus indicated that it was going to be an unparalleled night: the queues starting to form outside the theatre hours before the concert; the excitement radiating by the audience even before the first notes sounded; an audience who was waiting for their favourite artist to appear on stage and who listened carefully to the speech given by Thanos Siafakas, president of the Panhellenic Association of Volunteer Blood Donors, who under roars of applauds announced that part of the concert's profits will be given to the victims of the recent fires.

When everything was ready, six dancers from the “So You Think You Can Dance" show appeared on stage and performed in a choreography by Natalie Fotopoulou, the show's choreographer. A few moments later, Sakis made his appearance and received frantic applauds. In this live performance everything unfolded on stage, even the changing of clothes. Sakis was on stage for the sake of his audience and action was taking place there only.

His first song was this summer's hit, "Ola Giro Sou Girizoun" (Everything Revolves Around You). And it was exactly like that. Indeed everything revolved around Sakis, in an extraordinary production, a magnificent live performance featuring all the successes which have marked his career as well as some of his brand new hits, since Sakis sang for the first time in Athens in front of a live audience the songs from the soundtrack of the movie he stars in, "Alter Ego", released in the summer. The concept of the flashback, not only in terms of music choices but of costumes as well, was a rather pleasant surprise, as Sakis took us 15 years back singing "Min Antistekese" (Don't Resist) and "Kane me" (Make me) dressed in the clothes used at the photo shoots and the video clips of the time.

After the end of the concert, the on-stage lights went out and backstage lights came on. Sakis found himself surrounded by his fans, volunteer blood donors and many friends.

The concert took place with the support of the Panhellenic Association of Volunteer Blood Donors, Donors of Human Tissues and Organs and Biological Products under the hospices of the Ministry of Health.

Live event sponsors: Mega Channel, Mad Channel, Lampsi Radio, and Village Radio

Sakis’ next and last stop was on Saturday, September 15th, at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition.

Release Date: 21/9/2007

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