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"Antonis Remos and Sakis Rouvas...on world tour"

Antonis Remosand Sakis Rouvas

…On World Tour!

Atlantic City, Toronto, Chicago, Las Vegas, Melbourne, Sidney, Johannesburg are some of the cities to be visited by Antonis Remos andSakis Rouvas in the context of their world tour that begins on March 14th in Montreal, Canada. An explosive Live that promises to take all those who attend, on a vivid journey to… Greece!

Antonis Remos, undisputedly the number one contemporary, pop folk singer of the last decade. He boasts a number of gold and platinum records and is popular with audiences of all ages. Following a sold out summer tour he promises an amazing musical journey around the world. Armed with his amazing voice and unique renditions, and with the one and only Sakis Rouvas as his ally, he will offer Greeks living abroad an unbeatable experience.

The tour is predicted to be full of melodic “upsets”, with Sakis Rouvas at his best on stage, creating an unending party atmosphere for his audiences. After thrilling an audience of 35,000 during his last concert in Patra, the top Greek performer travels around the world with Antonis Remos, transmitting his one of a kind energy. Saki’s vivid stage presence that always manages to excite and his impressive renditions are two of the elements that guarantee a series of unforgettable Lives!

World Tour ’08 … Antonis Remos and Sakis Rouvas on a musical journey around the world! From “Signomi” (Sorry) by Antonis, to “Mikros Titanikos” (Small Titanic) by Sakis and from the Rock and Latin music scene, to the most classic and well-loved Greek songs, this is the time for a tour that will bring together Greeks (and not only), living in America, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

merica - Canada

14th of March: Montreal

15th of March: Atlantic city

21st of March: Toronto

22nd of March: Connecticut

28th of March: Chicago

29th of March: Las Vegas


12th of April: Melbourne

19th of April: Sydney


10th of May: Johannesburg

Antonis Remos, Sakis Rouvas…Finally on Tour!

Release Date: 19/3/2008

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