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ItR17;s official! Sakis Rouvas stars in the hottest eventsR30; Sakis Reloaded!

              It’s official! Sakis Rouvas stars in the hottest events… Sakis Reloaded!
You can be officially informed for some of the surprises Sakis has in store for you for the year to come from…and this is only the beginning!
“You have seen nothing yet…”, Sakis Rouvas has a habit of saying. Over the next few months, the absolute star will astound his fans once more, engaging in novelties and rising above the already high standards he has set! We have been warned…
Sakis is, as we speak, in L.A. preparing his brand new movie. This US production will surpass all your expectations... It’s a psychological thriller with Sakis Rouvas in the leading role - a surprise role!
Sakis is back! After three years of absence from the Athens night stages, Sakis Rouvas makes a comeback …in his own unique way! In an unrivalled performance stage, which will be fully reformed so that it can host a ground-breaking programme. Sakis, with Betty and Matthildi Maggira, as well as a group of new artists, will perform in a live show full of energy and unprecedented surprises.
This stage is located at Asomaton Square, and the choice of the name will be left to those who Sakis considers most appropriate for this …you, through a competition which will be held right here, on Sakis Rouvas is bound to dazzle us once more with an appearance we have never seen before…
Sakis Factor! Sakis Rouvas will be the host in the new ANT1 talent show, Χ-Factor. Surrounded by the most esteemed representatives of the Greek music industry, Sakis will lead us to the most magical destination …the one and only talent: the one which stands out!
Sakis Rouvas for Greece! As it has already been announced by the government TV, Sakis has accepted the honorary proposal to lead the Greek mission and represent our country in the 54th Eurovision music contest, which will take place in Russia in May, 2009. Sakis has been selecting the members of the team that will surround him and arranging the basic details of his appearance since the beginning of this summer.
Sakis Rouvas’ brand new surprise-album will feature a new mood and is expected to be released this autumn. Sakis and his colleagues have been plotting a unique venture featuring new and innovative sounds which are bound to astonish. 
Sakis has returned, as promised, with the most unusual events and the hottest surprises, realising his promise and proving us that we have neither heard nor seen anything yet!

Release Date: 8/10/2008

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